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Our recent work on mitochondrial genetic variation suggests that a mitochondrial- Wolbachia sweep in has occurred in North America.P We have compared levels of genetic variation in European and North American samples of N. vitripennis.P European N. vitripennis populations have 7-fold higher sequence variation in their mitochondrial sequence compared to North American samples but similar levels of microsatellite and nuclear sequence variation. Variation in the North American mitochondria is extremely low p0.31%, despite a highly elevated mutation rate 35-40 times higher than the nuclear genes. The data are indicative of a mitochondrial sweep in the North American populations, possibly due to Wolbachia infections which are maternally co-inherited with the mitochondria. Because of similar levels of nuclear variation, the data could not resolve whether N. vitripennis originated in the New or the Old World Raychoudhury et al. 2010.

The ETAers and Gately are both following Schtitt s instructions to Fire at your will, a clever mistranslation on Wallace s part. PAnd Schtitt s internal world for the playersPecho s the in here/out there of AA. To top it off, toward the end Wallace notes the extremely low resting pulse-rate of a guy with geologic amounts of sober AA time, a quality that is most often connected to elite athletes, including, presumably, the ETA kids.

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