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Doctors link the sugar consumption to many ills; from obvious weight gain to serious diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

I haven’t met any person who thinks or says that sugar is good for their health, so the question is why do we eat sugary foods and drinks? We know that they are bad for us. A research shows how the brain releases dopamine when we’re eating something sweet. When we eat something sweet or sugary, our body is rewarding us making it feel good. In case someone doesn’t know what dopamine is; it’s a neurotransmitter that helps control the brains pleasure and reward centers.

People, who don’t eat sugary sweets, often suffer from psychological effects such as anxiety; low blood sugar levels and insufficient sleep. In other words, sugar is very addictive.

Here are some tips to stop the habit of eating sugar.


Of course that this is number one. Like everything that you do, you must motivate yourself to stop eating sugary sweets. Keep your mind busy and the motivation to get sugar will disappear.

2.Stop drinking any type of soda and other sweetened drinks

Any type of drink contains a very high portion of refined sugar. A 330 ml can contain about 10 teaspoons of sugar. It is necessary to eliminate the soda drinks immediately; this reduces the habit of consuming sugar in a significant way.

3.Do not Buy Packaged Foods

Even if they are organic, packaged foods often contain significant amounts of sugar. Do not keep these foods at home; otherwise it can be difficult to stop consuming.

You can make your own snacks at home and instead of popcorn eat fruits or vegetables. You can eat homemade muffins, eggs and toast with gluten-free bread for breakfast. This is so much healthier and you will save a ton of money because you won’t be shopping your snacks.

4.Eat a well-balanced diet, especially concentrated in proteins and vegetables

It’s very clear how good I feel when I’m eating a good amount of protein and vegetables, reducing sugar and white flour. Being consuming protein and vegetables I do not crave sugar. But it takes a conscious effort to make this happen. Julie Ross in her book, “The Mood of Cure,” recommends not only removing refined foods (such as white sugar and white flour) from her diet, but also adding good foods. She recommends 20-30 grams of protein at each meal and 4 to 5 cups of a wide variety of vegetables every day. That’s a lot of protein and vegetables.

Simple sugar removal can help you improve your health, but for healthy life you need to fill your kitchen with healthy foods. The ideal type of diet is the Alkaline Diet.

5.Set a goal

It’s very good if you set a goal, for example, not to taste sugar for two weeks.

That will be good for your self-control and above all it will increase your self-esteem.

6.Find a “quitting sugar” friend

This advice was really valuable to me when I tried it. In this case it could be your spouse, a sports partner or a co-worker. If you have someone who has the same goal, shares healthy alkaline recipes and exchanges food, this will make it much more enjoyable and motivating. There will also be someone to “control” you.

7.Do not get carried away by cravings

Do not get carried away by cravings, if you have achieved your goal after a couple of days, your cravings for sugar should be somewhat diminished. Do not spoil everything you’ve achieved for a craving that only lasts a few seconds.

8.While trying to forget the sweets.. Have fun!

Take a walk and enjoy nature, go out to the park with your children, read a good book, watch some funny videos. In other words, distract yourself until “the worst happens.” Really, you can enjoy many things without sugar. And the same when you “attack” the sugar syndrome, change the environment and make something fun, such as listening to an audio jokes or a funny video.

9.Enjoy a healthy, sugar-free meal

There is no need to feel sad about the decrease in sweets when there are many healthy foods and no sugar to eat. Cook stews, soups, chicken, make a healthy salad as a main meal, grilled squash, toasted walnuts, and enjoy a good sugar-free yogurt. There are many amazing healthy foods and little by little you will enjoy this way of healthy life.

10.Use the rule “1 teaspoon of sugar”

If you find it too difficult to completely leave the sugar, start using sweeteners such as stevia or xylitol, raw honey or coconut sugar. These sugars have minerals and vitamins intact, making it less stressful for the body. There are also less addictive and some, like coconut sugar, have much less impact on blood sugar levels. Stevia is an excellent choice for those who want something sweet without calories or any increase in blood sugar.

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