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Heart attacks are the leading cause of death…

Do you want to become just another statistic?

Well, there are the old standby’s of diet and exercise.  Eat healthy, exercise much, and your risk factor will drop
substantially.  But, in today’s fast-paced world, most of us don’t have time to exercise as often as we should – or even as
often as we would like.  Also, we spend more time in restaurants and eat more fast-food, than we might like.  

While diet and exercise are extremely important, there are other things that can be done to help lower your heart attack
risk-factor.  Thankfully, they are extremely easy to do and take almost no time.  

The fast-paced answer to this slow-paced question is supplements carefully blended and balanced to advance heart health.  In
particular, there are certain forms of fiber that act as “scrubbers” in the blood
stream.  The</span>

Cellular Essentials

should be part of any heart-health conscious persons diet…”
Dr. Fischer, Family Practice

cholesterol and fats in the blood stream bond with these fibers, permitting them to be safely flushed out of the body.  This is much better than
building up in your arteries until you have a heart attack… 

produces a product called
” that does exactly this.  An
interesting side-benefit benefit of these fibers are that they can help control your appetite and stabilize your blood sugar –
which helps diabetics


In addition to the fiber, there are certain vitamins that appear to promote heart and blood vessel
 health.  They help the
body to repair damage done to vessels and to the heart from age, stress, diet, etc.  

offers a product called

that does exactly that.  They help to combat the damage done by age and environment to our cardiovascular systems,
promoting healthier, ore disease-resistant hearts and blood vessels.

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