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** No Quote Today**

      *sigh* So much going on lately it’s hard to know where to start. I had the first of two
interviews for internships today. This one was with the Child Development Lab on campus. I would be working doing data
coding and entry of course. All us insignificant undergrad research assistants are condemned to doing that. Along with
that I would be working on tracking children through their lifespan. The goal is to study how temperment affects your
reactions to different situations. So that would definately be interesting. I would be working with a team of other
students and they said if I decide and am able to do an honors thesis I would be able to collect data there. The second
interview is on Monday morning, all the way in freakin Arlington at 8 am! Can you say crack of dawn?! It is with
a researcher from the National Science Foundation and she is researching infants and breastfeeding. I am not exactly sure
what this project would involve on my part. I know very little. What I do know is that her “ad” said that her student
assistant would meet with her once a week and then be able to do the work from his/her computer. So that is an advantage since I seem to be spending so little time at home these days. I hope to get one or the other because I am planning to apply for a summer job with Child Trends. It is a paid position working in reasearch for 35 hours a week over the summer. If you know anything about research you know that is a FANTASTIC opportunity for anyone interested in grad school such as myself.

      On a lighter and more personal note… it was my wonderful boyfriend Mike’s birthday yesterday. I bought him a really cool MP3 player which I got for a fantastic price thanks to the also wonderful B.J. We went out to dinner at Fudruckers, came home(and by home I mean his home of course) and had some of the birthday cake I made him. That was pretty nice.

      So I was in class today waiting for the always late prof. to get there and some Lindon LaRouche weirdo came in and started talking. Everyone in the class was booing him and laughing at him. On one hand I felt bad for him, but on the other hand, what is UP with theese LaRouche people? Do they have nothing better to do than stand outside of the Union 24/7 and come into peoples classes screaming at them how in the 60’s all our resources were greedily used up, and how my degree is already worthless. Pft. Some people.

      I started working with a new little boy on Monday and I am absolutely loving it. He is so sweet. It is totally unstructured which is the opposite of the first boy I worked with. I am still adjusting to it and he is still
adjusting to me but I think it will work well for both of us in the long run.

      The most EXCITING thing happened to me yesterday in the car. I was driving to work and I heard the DJ say call now to win and I figured, it will probably be busy but I will call anyway, so I called and I hear “Hello, WMZQ!” And I answer of course, next thing I know I hear “Angela your the ninth caller!! I just couldn’t believe it I was so shocked when I heard them play back my phone call I sounded like such a spaz. So I am really excited about that. I won tickets to go see George Strait tomorrow night. So for all you out there who think you can never win, don’t give up hope, it could happen to you! Tune in next time.

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