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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Please try the following before
    contacting us! Most questions can be answered here, if not, e-mail
    us at [email protected]

    VERSION 1.5 – 1999 – Includes
    Austin and San Antonio Products

    • “Floating Point Error” when
      opening .usr files created with previous versions of the Mapsco

      Please upgrade to the 2000 Edition.

    • “Save as BMP” doesn’t save.

      Type the name you wish to save as, and
      add “.bmp” to the end, without quotes.

    • Printing difficulties
      after upgrading to Windows 98, or after installing Mapsco CD-ROM
      on Windows 98.

      Please upgrade to 2000 Edition.

    • I chose the “Full Install”
      for my program, do I still have to keep the CD-ROM in the drive?

      Yes, the CD-ROM must stay in the resident
      drive for the program to operate.

    VERSIONS 1.2 – 1996, 1.3 – 1997,
    1.4 – 1997

    • I get a “cannot open output file
      .tsc” error when I try to run the program!

      The install was done incorrectly – before
      reinstalling double click “My Computer”on your Win
      95/98 desktop to view all drives connected to your PC. Verify
      correct drive letters for CD-ROM and hard drive, and proceed
      with re-install.

    • Printing
      – Click here
      for more information on Printing.
    • Importing
      – Click here
      for the “Import Address List” tutorial.


    The install these upgrades / patches,
    save the file to your hard drive in the same folder you installed
    the Mapsco software. Once the file is finished downloading, go to
    the folder and double click the file name or file icon. This upgrade
    / patch will automatically update your Mapsco software.

    Software Street Suffix

    Boulevard = BLVD

    Expressway = EXPWY

    Road = RD

    Alley = AL

    Freeway = FRWY

    Skyway = SKWY

    Avenue = AVE

    Highway = HWY

    Square = SQ

    Circle = CIR

    Hollow = HW

    Street = ST

    Cove = CV

    Lane = LN

    Terrace = TERR

    Court = CT

    Parkway = PKWY

    Trail = TR

    Crescent = CRES

    Place = PL

    Farm to Market Road = FM RD

    Crossing = CRSG

    Plaza = PLZ

    County Road = CO RD

    Drive = DR

    Point = PT


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