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Chocolates, Beer, Bikes & Borges – Belgium and Holland,

We arrived in Brussels, cosmopolitan, with 3 lost bags and 1 missing person. A suitcase went to Moscow, but all subsequently collected. Janice and I took a group of 39 perfect size, not too big to get lost or too small for comfort.

Each July trip notes schoolteachers who have faithfully followed me around the world and they make love in Europe. We started with a tour of the light in the historic heart of the capital, followed by a visit to the Chocolate Museum. I found this annoying, but The tastings were great.

If it’s Tuesday it must be Belgium. After breakfast, began our morning walking tour of the 17th century from the Grand Place. It was actually 8:30 Sunday morning and I’m surprised that more than a dozen visits here I’ve never seen this place so empty. It echoed in silence as tourists and residents were asleep for the holidays. The bright sunlight flooded Gothic cathedrals, the classical facades and art houses in New advanced. We were alone and was impressive.

Monday, I visited this city proud and real is revealed in their palaces, cathedrals, museums and monuments. We see the European Union headquarters and the site of Expo 1958, with the silver Atomium. We photograph Manneken Pis. [I never understood the love of the bronze statue, but it’s Brussels. It can be found at the irreverence of the artist.]

Paula was our guide for a few days here. His knowledge of stellar Belgian history brought to life, especially when King Leopold acquired the Congo as a personal playground. Paula cared a lot for work and then we invited to visit a new chocolate factory, but completely satisfied, refused.

For free time we dispersed into small alleys intentionally are lost. Some brewers requested or hot sugar waffles, as others bought gifts tapestries in prices.

Things get a little fuzzy here. I took some notes large towels everywhere and managed to lose all set out. But my memory is good and we headed toward the capital of Flanders and Bruges charming.

This city is full of UNESCO World Heritage Site with a tranquil character that can not be described. The people did so much to protect its medieval character that provides the magical effect of stepping back in time. It’s called “Little Venice” and enjoy a boat cruise on the ancient labyrinth of canals that are directed into the lake of love.

We strolled through ancient squares, lined with houses with gabled rooftops and various cathedrals of this holy and sacred.

The culmination of this journey for me has been our 2 hours walk from the city by bicycle. We looked like a motley crew as we entered the narrow cobbled streets and innumerable bridges. As sold, saw the group behind me. A woman is about 70, both are smoking cigarettes, Janice speaks to America in his cell and a plant of unspeakable in a car! He had to pay the driver for damages instead.

It took total concentration to cross the busy tramlines. This morning we went through Vodelpark and Red Light District.

It was interesting to see how the prostitutes who woke up only to get their coffee wearing jeans and slippers Netherlands is the land of freedom. With prostitution legal, my group is more curious matter. We laughed as Marilyn said, “Suzy, all ask questions about sex. Are they frustrated?

I have organized a guided walk professionals in the red zone the oldest part of the profession more Amsterdam in the ancient world. Since 1400, the sailors who dock here to download. Guides and Gabriel Shuert bold bet that leads through the middle of the street dressed. No pictures allowed. We are told that some fear will go anywhere.

Our guides explained that some women are forced to today, here and some are just embarrassing. Ladies differ in size, shape and color as we were walking through different neighborhoods.

On a street, all of them are obese. We learned to identify the transsexual surgery, two things can not change an Adam’s apple and vertical.

Tastes differ, the woman is older than 76 and only works in summer. Only half of the use and protection of monthly checks on the health workforce

For there are around 1,000 prostitutes working 500 windows. They pay $ 200 to rent a window of 6-8 hours and can make up to $ 600 per day. They pay taxes and can write receipts for services provided. If you close the curtain, did not stop.

The area is inundated with tourists. Men pay $ 60 for 30 minutes, but statistics show that the average time is only 6 minutes.

We crossed the bridge pill “the name of the drug grows there and then visited the Museum with erotic images and” tools the trade “in the 17th century on the screen.

As reflected and fixed a metal chastity belt, Gabriel said the blacksmiths always had a spare key that in practice when the husbands were at sea. ”

He highlighted the Dutch were much less promiscuous than Americans. I was worried for my ultra-conservative, but the teachers did not seem collision. After some time, our senses are saturated and become boring.

The The saddest sight was seeing a whore “heroine”. He was emaciated, his eyes glassy and runway markings, much of what he had to kill him now under the tongue. Police were cameras everywhere 24 / 7, there is little crime and we feel quite safe.

Marijuana and hashish are legal here in more than 400 coffee shops “selling joints and the” space ganja milkshakes. “The neighbors said they felt oppressed by the Americans were too rules and can not understand how our drug companies can sell drugs on television.

Enough on the wild side, this is also From art capital of Europe has more museums per square foot than any other city. Marilyn gave us a quick lesson in the art in a word. She explained that there is celebrating 400 years of Rembrandt (1606-2006). He came from a family rich in windmills. As a child, was an expert draftsman.

Later, at school medicine, he made anatomical drawings of dead criminals. Studied further and soon rose above the Dutch masters with the ability to capture the light and shadows in paint. Always began with a black canvas.

Though blessed with enormous artistic talent, who could not manage their finances. Died poor and was buried in a mass grave.

Many believe they have seen in Europe, but the young lady with the most charming countries. Here we were enveloped by the history, culture and all that the Old Continent should be. So it was not a typical holiday in the EU, endless museums and cathedrals, but a way of creation provided a great pleasure.

Everyone’s favorite stop is Bruges, but for me it was a masterpiece Amsterdam city. I concluded that The Netherlands is more favorable than other Europeans.

This visit rekindled my love for the Netherlands, this small country with 2 names. This time, I looked through my eyes with new teachers experiencing their first trip abroad.

It was a wonderful group of travelers and a couple of which we connected then called “The Honeymoon” and has rummor 7/7/07 marry Roma.

In the Delta flight home, I realized that between my dream group that ate some of their chocolates, which were intended for homemade gifts. And once in line at U.S. customs, some proudly wearing their new bright colors paintings, wood uncomfortable shoes. I just made the trip again.

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