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The Education Project for Peace Corps/Tanzania

The following decription was taken from my assignment packet, written by Thomas Msuka & Pat Proden, the Associate Peace Corps Directors for Education

Primary Duties

The Education Project in Tanzania has four goals:

  1. Secondary school students will expand their abilities in mathematics, science and English and will improve their critical thinking, problem solving and life skills.
  2. Secondary school teachers and Teacher Training College students will enhance their English fluency and abilities to develop and utilize a variety of educational approaches and resources.
  3. Secondary schools and Tecaher Training Colleges will develop programs incorporating Information and Communication Tcehnology (ICT) resources relevant to the needs of Tanzania
  4. Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) and counterparts, in collaboration with community members, will identify and address needs in their communities.

Some of the tasks that will accompany this work include:

  • Teaching sixteen to twenty-four periods, forty minutes per class each week in the science content areas of either biology, chemistry or physics at the “Advanced” or “Ordinary” level with up to fifty students in each class. Most classes meet for double periods.
  • Preparing lesson plans using a variety of teaching methods and a syllabus developed by the Ministry of Education
  • Developing teachings aids from locally available materials
  • Facilitate ICT activities at your school if needed to promote the use of technology in secondary schools
  • Teaching and supervising student laboratory experiments
  • Assessing student learning
  • Conducting out-of-class activities to reinforce classroom learning
  • Self-evaluating teaching and classroom management styles and making periodic adjustments and improvements as necessary
  • Developing professional relationships with Tanzanian teachers with the aim to collaborate on education activities
  • Participating in Peace Corps activities geared towards improving educational standards
  • Developing community relationships with the aim of friendship, cross-cultural exchange and assisting communities in meeting their needs.

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