Products for lactose intolerance

There is no cure for lactose intolerance, However, there are certain products for lactose intolerence on the market that may be helpful for those living with the condition. At the moment there are a few companies that offer lactose-free products. A company such as Lactaid in the US & UK or Alpro in the UK.
Although there are a few companies offering these services it seems that in the UK very little is known of this condition, as many time being lactose intolerant myself went many times to the pharmarcy to find tablets to prevent or be able to enjoy the odd ice cream only to be told that I needed to only avoid dairy products. The few times I did find tablets that allows to actually allows me to digest diary products was in Holland & Barrets and the products was called Super Lactase Enzyme Capsules, which helped me to be able to consume diary products in moderation of course. The Products below can also be found in the market:

Lactaid – Capsules that can be taken prior to consuming dairy products to promote proper digestion and relieve symptoms such as nausea and upset stomach.

DairyCare – A daily nutritional supplement that can be taken to make up for the loss of some of the essential nutrients found in dairy products.

Products can also be found on Amazon at good prices with fast delivery as with most other companies.

Various companies also provide lactose free Milk, Ice cream and Yoghurt. Companies such lactofree also provide recipes on their website for people with Gluten allergie and vegetarians.

Substitute soy milk and soy cheese may be used in place of milk and milk products. Both products can be easily found in health related shops and big supermarket branches.

Contact us for additional information or to share your own personal stories of living with lactose intolerance. We look forward to hearing from you.

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