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If your dog or cat is hospitalized, we want to assure you that your pet will receive dedicated care and individualized attention from our team of technicians and doctors. At VSSS, we are proud that our staff-to-patient ratios are among the highest in the greater Phoenix community and that your dog or cat will receive personalized treatment.

Arrival Policies

Upon arrival, all dogs must be appropriately restrained by collar/harness and leash or an appropriate carrier. For the safety of your pet and those of others, dogs may not be allowed off leash or to walk freely within our facility. Muzzles, when necessary, may also be provided. Cats should be transported to the SurgiCenter in either a soft or hardshell travel carrier.

Patient Drop-offs

Surgery patients may be dropped off at our SurgiCenter location between 8:00am – 8:30am (for morning cases) and before 10:00am for scheduled afternoon cases.

All dogs and cats should be fasted from food for at least 8-10 hours prior to drop-off. Drinking of water may be allowed until your departure from home.

Drop-off times must be closely adhered to in order to maintain our schedule as well as dedicate the needed time and attention – before, during and after surgery – to each and every animal in our care. We appreciate your understanding and efforts to assist us. Failure to drop-off your pet at recommended times may result in either delays or postponed anesthesia and surgery.

Personal Items

While sometimes a familiar comfort, VSSS discourages you from leaving toys, blankets, beds, etc., with your pet during the hospitalization. VSSS will not assume responsibility for either return or loss of any personal items.


VSSS strongly encourages pet owners to visit their animals while hospitalized and, in some cases, participate in their dog/cat’s care, e.g., exercise, feeding. We believe that visitations may also aid in your pet’s recovery and assure your peace of mind regarding your pet’s current condition, nursing care and progress to discharge.

In order to ensure that your pet receives adequate and needed rest, we generally limit visitation times to no longer than 20 minutes. If you would like to visit your pet while hospitalized, please contact a VSSS staff member to determine the best times. Your pet’s condition and the time of day may be considered when scheduling visits.

Postoperative Discharges

Discharge appointments should be scheduled with your VSSS technician or Customer Relations staff member within regularly scheduled hours, Monday thru Thursday between 9 am – 3:30 pm and Fridays from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm.

Your pet will be released from the practice when the medical condition allows or upon your decision to discontinue treatment. When you arrive to pick up your pet, your specialist – not a staff member or technician – will provide you a complete summary report, answer your questions and provide you with at home recovery and continued care instructions.

Special release arrangements may be made to accommodate extended work hours or travel. Please discuss in advance any special needs you may have with your specialist or his/her staff.

Patient Updates and Telephone Correspondence

Open and clear communication between you and our hospital staff is very important. You may obtain morning and afternoon updates on your pet’s condition from our specialty staff between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. Your specialist may give you a “best time” to call for updates or to answer questions.

You’re welcome to call and speak with our support staff for brief updates any time at (480) 998-5999. Please remember that our primary goal is patient care and if our staff is unavailable, we may need to return your call at our earliest opportunity. To avoid repetition and ensure consistency of communication, we ask that only one family member call for updates.

You Can Make a Difference

Whether “fur kids”, loving family members, best friends or devoted companions, we know that your dog or cat is not “just a pet” to you. We know that we are caring for a member of your family and that is why our team of board-certified veterinary specialists, certified technicians and staff deliver an unequaled level of surgery and anesthesia specialty care in the Valley.

We appreciate your efforts to understand your pet’s medical or surgical condition and to closely follow discharge instructions and care recommendations. You will help make a difference in your pet’s recovery and on-going quality of life. Thank you for choosing Veterinary Surgical Specialists of Scottsdale.

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