Spartan Europe

Spartan Europe is the new name chosen by directors Tim Bayliss and David
Maguire to reflect the developments that the company is making.

Four years ago Spartan Electronics and LS Wiggins merged to form LSW Spartan.
Spartan had positioned itself as “the approved distributor” concentrating
on franchise deals with high reliability electromechanical manufacturers including
Oxley Developments, Cinch, Hypertac and Assmann. LS Wiggins brought a complementary
range of passive products, adding names such as Vishay, Sfernice and Meggitt-CGS.

In October 1998 Tim Bayliss, the MD of LSW Spartan, and David Maguire, who
had been a senior member of the management team at Oxley Developments, bought
the company from IGG (the International Gemma Group). They have chosen the
ECIF exhibition to unveil the new company name and logo.

Aside from franchised distribution agreements with leading electromechanical
and passives companies, Spartan Europe also works with TOA E&I;, an import
and export company based in Singapore, allowing it to procure Far Eastern
components in volume. Spartan Europe also has a similar agreement with a procurement
company in the USA, covering both military grade and consumer products.

Kitting is another service delivered by Spartan Europe. This side of the
business – established for over seven years – recently won a contract to supply
parts to the Rural Radio programme, providing telephone services in Africa
without the need for a cabling infrastructure.

Filtered DIN Connectors feature
Optimum Reliability

New filtered DIN41612 connectors
from Cinch are now available from Spartan Europe in a range of popular styles
and filter configurations.

The filters use miniature tubular
capacitor technology to create a C-section EMI filter housed within the body
of the connector shell. Each line can be individually filtered to ground via
an internal ground plane that connects to a PCB ground rail. To ensure optimum
reliability after repeated mating cycles, every filtered contact has a compliant
mounting to the internal ground plane. Unfiltered feedthrough contacts are
easily accommodated for those signals sensitive to capacitor loading effects.

Connectors are available in 32,
64 and 96 way standard configurations, with a working voltage of 200 volts
(at -55 to 85degC) and 100 volts (up to 125degC).

Please contact Paul Bandy for more

Spartan Europe Ltd is an Official Distributor of Obsolescent Oxley Def-Stan
Release Lamps

Oxley Developments has manufactured a broad range of LED Indicator Lamps
for many years. With the continuing decline in military spending and continuing
developments in new equipment build using non-approval parts, Def-Stan approvals
have now become obsolescent due to the move towards commercial off-the-shelf
products (COTS).

Oxley appreciates that you may continue to have requirements for their Def-Stan
approved LED Indicator Lamp product range and therefore they have appointed
Spartan Europe as the official Oxley Def-Stan release lamp distributor. Spartan
Europe has purchased a large stock profile of these lamps.

Please contact Paul Bandy for more information.

Spartan Europe Plays Tag with Oxley

One of Spartan Europe’s major franchises, Oxley Developments, has introduced
an electronic data tagging system specifically designed for recording logistics
data and maintenance information in demanding environments. e-tag uses miniature
contact memory buttons fitted with EEPROM, which can be physically attached
to most items of on-board equipment. It provides an easily accessible and
reliable means of logging identity, service history and maintenance records.

The memory buttons are approximately the diameter of a drawing pin with data
storage capacities of 8, 16, 32 or 64 kbytes. Each tag is attached to the
host Line Replacement Unit or equipment assembly and the required data is
written to and read from it via a hand-held reader – the e-tag contact probe
– connected to a PC.

There is no practical limit to the number of times the tag can be written
to or read from, and being non-volatile no batteries are required. A Windows
software package allows each tag to be initialised with customer-defined data
fields, which can be tailored to suit the application.

Stored data can include manufacturer’s data, build history, configuration
control, calibration records, modification status, maintenance records and
historical test data. Data resides both on the tag and on the host PC.

Please contact Paul Bandy for more information.

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