Healing the body and not only.


Healing the body and not only.

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admin 10 February, 2010

Tons of new blog ideas have gotten into my mind, all due to the „wonderful” new experiences I acquired. So far, every day I had a time that my mind would be cluttered with new ideas. I’d grab a pen and pad in order to write them all down, even if it was in the middle of the night. I have a new motto for getting better now, “OKAY, LIFE, BRING IT ON AND I’LL JUST WRITE A BLOG ABOUT IT!”
There are some many things wrong with me, I have a lot of problems at the moment, but I have to deal with them one at a time. It is important to start from the things that matter the most. I was twice in the hospital this week only, having five operative procedures done on my gut certainly doesn’t help in being a happy puppy. Apart from that, I’ve got a urinary tract infection. I’m swollen down there and need to have a foley catheter in order to pee normally. There is more to the „fun” I had this week. I got an overdose of IV steroid, it made me swell up really a lot. Because of the swelling, they took me off of all my medications I use everyday just to try living a normal life. Without them, my rheumatoid disease would be a real pain to deal with. After that I got worse, I developed serious gastritis, I vomited all over, sometimes with blood as well. The Helicobacter pylori in my stomach seemed like just a tiny problem when compared to all the rest. One thing is sure, I was really not a nice sight.
All of what I was going through made me really depressed and loose my willingness to do anything at all. It made me irritated as well. I had to take things in my own hands, explain the doctors what I experienced. I knew that I had to take charge of myself. It took me three long days to understand that. I think the main reason was the IV Dilaudid.
After all of those events, I was able to return home. I couldn’t take my NSAID’s because I had gastritis. I was deprived of my methotrexate nearly a month ago, all so I could heal properly. It meant I had to take strong laxatives each day. One thing that changed for the better, was getting my foley removed. All the recent things I went through have weakened me, I lost ten pounds weight. I knew that going back home without plaquenil would be hard, I had been taking it for joint pain for many years now. In exchange I was put on quite high doses of prednisone and got Dilaudid to ease pain. This all meant that I would have to continue taking laxatives. Now I’m taking the cardiac drug, estroge and muscle relaxants I used to take. I also got IV Protonics to heal my guts after all they did to them. I even got a prescription for an aqua pad. It is a heating pad you pour hot water into It is used in hospitals often, but I had a hard time getting one. Because of my sacroiliac joints are really inflamed, I couldn’t just lie on a electrical heating pad, the coils inside made it really uncomfortable. I had to phone and order a aqua pad delivered to my home.
When I came back home from the hospital I started making a list of things I’d need from the store. My daughter bought all the things I wrote on the list afterwards. As she likes healthy food, I ended learning some things from her as well. Any kind of food containing chemicals or sprays was crossed out from the list. I craved fresh vegetables and fruits, however I had to take into consideration that I could only eat bites of food at that time. That meant the first thing I choose, were natural juices. Made of vegetables and fruits so I could get those extra vitamins out of them and recover faster. It was really important for me, because I couldn’t swallow my vitamins at that time. Beth also picked some of the yummy thick soups in the health food section at the supermarket. They are really good for me, I could honestly say that the things I’ve been living on are Carrot/Ginger, Cream of Corn and the best, Butternut Squash soup. Most of the things I used to eat seemed to bit too greasy to stay for a longer while in my guts. I looked out one of my recipes for Bran Muffins. I got my hands on some Plum Smart prune juice and I could drink it as if it was water, this applies to and any other kind of juices as well. I also knew that I could use some good bacteria like acidophilus. Therefore, I got a supply of buttermilk and yogurt. I’m keeping a thermos filled with good stuff like tea, soup or juice all the time. I can go up and downstairs but only two or three times a day max. My body is sure to tell me when I can go down and when I can’t.
My dear daughter went to a Sunday market with her kids and bought some tasty things, cherry tomatoes, zucchini and bell peppers of different colors. The absolute best thing for me is the Finninsh Fingerling potato. It is really sweet and fresh that it is like tasting paradise. As for dinner, I felt my stomach could handle something more than just vegetables and juices so I decided to have pasta. Complex carbohydrates would be good for me. My husband loves pasta, especially when it’s with some fresh parmesan cheese and olive oil sprinkled on top of it all. I added some baked vegetables with olive oil. I try eating more and more, so eventually my old strength would return. But I remember to eat it all in small amounts, not to overstrain my guts. Eating breads, eggs and sometimes an extra thing is good for the healing process.
The other thing I became really obsessed about apart from my diet, was the need of cleanness. As a nurse, I know that many hospitals have problems with it. Along with Beth, we made general cleaning in the house. Throwing all the tissues from the hospital, washing nightgowns, robes and other clothes that were there. I cleaned the toilet and sink. I even got my share of Cottonelle supplies. The doctors didn’t allow me to use my methotrexate so I did all I was able to, to have my house as clean and bacteria free as it can be. I did not want to catch any infection so I started using alcohol wipes to clean the toilet handle. It might sound pretty excessive but do you even know how dirty can your bathroom be? You know, those films and commercials showing activity of microbes, they are quite true.
Although I’d prefer not to, I have to go back to taking antibiotics for my urinary tract infection. I won’t go to Portland to see specialists while my rear side cries in pain. Now I’m experiencing a couple of things happening. Certain areas of my body that gave me trouble long ago, are starting to act up again. My ribs, and left jaw are causing pain. I know that the most important thing at the moment if to get stronger. I have to get better and will be able to take the medications that make me a bearable person afterwards. Until than, everyone will have to deal with me being semi-pleasant.

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