Smoking, the most common addiction in the world

Smoking is the cause of many lung diseases could be avoided if you choose to dispense with this dependence. Unfortunately, people do not realize the magnitude and implications that has multiple exposures to toxic substances, carcinogens contained in cigarettes. Smoking is a chronic and acute poisoning with toxic substances existing in tobacco leaves after a long and excessive consumption. The main toxic compounds in cigarette smoke are nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, various alkaloids, cresol, pyridines and radioactive elements (cadmium, polonium).

Diseases caused by smoking

Regardless of the sex of smokers, smoking is the origin of many diseases: cardiovascular disease, including angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, high blood pressure, arthritis and thrombosis, chronic lung disease and acute bronchitis, cough, pneumonia, multiple pulmonary emphysema , tuberculosis, cancers at various sites (lung, larynx, esophagus, lips, tongue, pancreas, liver, stomach, colon, prostate), gastrointestinal diseases (gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, halitosis), weakening the drivers reflexes, contributing to increased risk of accidents.

Smokers can have a much shorter life and many diseases. Deaths from emphysema and bronchitis are 6.1 times more common in smokers; those of laryngeal cancer are 5.4 times, 3.4 times the throat cancer, ulcers of 2.8 times, 1.3 times of pneumonia and the incidence of road accidents and suicides 1.2 times.

Smokers may not be able to have children

In women, tobacco is more harmful, associated with the onset of many serious diseases, including cancers of breast, cervical, stomach, colon and lungs.
When smoking increases dramatically, the incidence of lung cancer, especially at ages of 40-60 years, reaches close the frequency of breast cancer. Unfortunately, lung cancer caused by smoking can be fatal in patients within 5 years after diagnosis. As the number of women smokers is in growing, especially in urban areas, there is put a big question mark on opportunities to increase life expectancy in women. Annually, tobacco reaps the lives of almost 500,000 women around the globe. There is a close link between smoking and fertility, so that women smokers may not ever become pregnant. Cigarette effects are devastating to the fetus, a smoking mother and a smoking father became the main enemies of their child.
Also important is the role of smoking on premature skin aging and wrinkling as smoking person dermis causes an increase in secretion of enzymes that damage collagen, one that provides elasticity and suppleness for skin.

Tobacco addiction is more prevalent among adolescents

Children and adolescents are at higher risk of tobacco addiction and intoxication. First, for several psychological reasons young people take smoking very easily; this is associated with maturity, independence, and modernity, without knowing the major risks of serious illness after the onset of nicotine dependence. A recent survey shows that one third of students smoked their first cigarette before 14 years remaining, mostly dependent on nicotine. This dependency is installed with surprising rapidity, being sufficient only a few days of smoking, as the young brain, still in training, is more vulnerable to tobacco poisoning than the adult brain.

Passive smokers, mainly children, can become ill from the same diseases as active smokers; first, eye irritation, followed by respiratory diseases (cough, bronchitis), ulcers, heart disease and some cancers (lung and larynx).

Calivita herbal supplements recommended in smoking

– The antioxidant and immune support vitamin C helps smokers to counteract the harmful effects of cigarette smoke and to recover more easily after they quit. C 1000 is a natural supplement of vitamin C, with slow absorption, which provides an optimal dose of this vitamin for a long time.

– Active and passive smokers can enjoy the benefits of the supplement Smokerade that protects the body from the toxicity of cigarette smoke. This antioxidant supplement reduces nicotine dependence, and the harmful effects of smoking neutralizing the negative effects of passive smoking or moderate.

– Supplementation with Omega 3 helps reduce inflammation in the body, reduce cholesterol and triglycerides and prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer incidence.

– The body’s defense against harmful substances makes that nutritional supplement Rhodiolin to be an excellent supplement in preventing many diseases. Adaptogenic effect makes this supplement to reduce tension and stress, facilitating quitting smoking.

– Immunostimulating effect of Noni fruit provides resistance against many specific diseases. Noni Liquid helps regulate blood pressure, reduces the harmful effects of smoking, has anticancer effects and offer overall good well, power and strength.

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