Dentist Couple Makes It a Point to Train Patients to Observe Dental Health

Kids spend much of their summer time eating junk food and snacks, and often end up with toothaches. There is a new address that families can check out for their professional dental health needs. The clinic belongs to a family and is run by a married couple who are both dentists. The wife’s occupation is a dental hygienist, while her husband worked in the US Army Dental Corps for six years. Both were assigned in Europe, and the wife was part of a public dental health program in the place where they were based.

General dentistry, including root canals, cleaning, and fillings, is what these husband and wife dentists do. The husband also performs specialized services like cosmetic bond techniques, aesthetic fillings, and full mouth reconstructive surgery. Preventive dental care is a practice he wishes his patient would consider. Modern dentistry is aimed at making patients aware of preventive dental measures. Because this is our conviction, we make ourselves available to our patients so that we can train them on the basics of dental hygiene.

Brushing after every meal is recommended by him. Brushing too hard with a hard brush also damages your gums. Teeth are cleaned more effectively with soft tooth brushes. Make flossing habitual after every brushing. There are oodles of floss types nowadays. If you’re an adult, use a fluoride rinse and find out if your children need sealants for cavity prevention.

An important advice he gives is simply to stop smoking. Don’t attempt to be a smoker if you aren’t one. Most people know that when they smoke they increase their risk of developing lung cancer. Cancer of the mouth and throat are also directly caused by smoking, and a lot of people may not know this.

A sore inside the mouth or on the lips and gums is an indicator of oral cancer. If you are experiencing a certain numbness in your tongue and palate, or there is swelling in your mouth, chances are you may have acquired oral cancer. Don’t delay as soon as you notice anything out of the ordinary in your mouth. Visit your dentist as soon as possible.

There is a greater chance for successful treatment if oral cancer is detected in its early stages. Another problem you should be aware of is the one that attacks soft tissues and bone that surround and support your teeth, and this is known as periodontal gum disease. Although there’s no specific age when it hits, a lot of adults suffer tooth loss because of it. Three out of four adults can expect to have some form of gum disease in the course of their lives. Careful periodontal examination by the dentist is the only way to detect periodontal gum diseases.

Among the warning signs you have to look out for are bleeding gums. Gums pulled away from the teeth, or swollen or red in appearance. Another indication of periodontal gum disease would be infection between the gums and teeth. Other warnings you should look for include changes in the way your teeth fit together and changes in the position of your teeth.

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