Adrenal Exhaustion – Are You Living Your Energetic Truth?

There’s a silent killer on the loose that has the potential to take out millions of people every year – Stress! So many people live their lives stressed out and full of anxiety, not knowing or caring about the physical problems they are causing themselves.

One side effect of the high stress lifestyle is adrenal exhaustion. We were all born with an innate ‘fight or flight’ instinct that makes adequate use of the adrenaline secreted in our adrenal glands.

Unfortunately, the adrenaline that we need to stay balanced mentally is often burned up and frittered away each day due to the massive amount of stress that we put on ourselves. People spend their entire day regretting this, or fearing that and before you know it, the adrenal glands are exhausted – they simply have no power to secrete additional adrenaline, and people feel severely burned out in response to this lack of adrenaline.

Fear and Loathing – Everywhere

Hunter S. Thompson wrote a book called ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’, but you don’t have to go to the state of Nevada to see your share of fear and loathing. All you have to do is go out to the store, or take a walk in the park. People are over burdened with fear, loathing, envy, hatred, depression and a dozen other emotional cancers.

When these types of negative emotions become the default for a society, it’s easy to understand why everyone is sick, lethargic, under energized and unenthusiastic about life. Much like getting the right nutrients into our bodies for optimal health, we also need to get the right thinking in our heads to help our bodies stay healthy. A focus on the negative is not only an emotional cancer, but it can aid the body in producing physical cancer as well.

Live Free

One of the reasons that so many people live lives enveloped in such negative emotions is due to the fact that they are not living free and for their own happiness. People walk around taking part in a masquerade, trying to make the business successful to impress Dad, trying to make the marriage appear to be something it is not to impress Mom, and trying a hundred different ways, to impress a hundred different people by being a hundred different things. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this is too stressful and too much of a burden for anyone to carry. It’s little wonder, then, that we have people by the millions burning out emotionally.

You simply cannot live your life pretending to be something you are not, in order to impress other people. You must learn to be the person you were created to be, in order to avoid conditions, like adrenal exhaustion, and the end results of depression and fear.

Begin today to live life on your terms, discover who you really are. Find your passions and live them out. Adrenal exhaustion and other physical and emotional illnesses will melt away the moment you stop participating in the grand masquerade and begin to live your life devoid of meeting the expectations of others. Live free or die, is much more than a political statement. Learn to live free to experience life, the way it was meant to be.

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