Are You Being A Practical Leader plus Entrepreneur?

Information is greatly easier to access in this day and age because of the continual advances in technology that are happening every day. The growth and quickness of the Internet is a fundamental example of how technology has revolutionized over time. The Internet is proving to be the most opportune and resourceful place to find information and expand your business.

So why do so many people still fail to achieve results?

Anthony Robbins is one individual who provides a ton of precious knowledge (hence the reason he is very successful). He says that the reason why so many people fail is because of the excuses they produce. He calls them limited resources. These limited resources (excuses) owned by the majority of people consist of:
· Not enough money
· Not enough time
· Lack of personnel
· Not the right technology
· Not knowing how to plan or inadequate planning
· Lack of quality leadership

The mass majority of business owners blame their failures on a lack of resources. But let’s look at a few of the most successful entrepreneurs and leaders:
· Bill Gates: Bought MS-DOS for $ 50k and sold it to IBM for over $ 50m
· Richard Branson: Billionaire entrepreneur. Started a student magazine and selling music he liked in his garage – founder of Virgin)
· Steve Jobs: Co-founder of Apple
· Oprah Winfrey: Unfavourable conditions during early childhood – Now a role model and inspiration to countless people especially African Americans at the same time hosting her own talk show)
· Lance Armstrong: Won the Tour de France 7 years in a row after beating testicular cancer
· Mark Zuckerberg: Co-founder of Facebook. Originally designed as a network so only college students could interact, share photos and videos. Now it is a worldwide phenomenon

They used their characteristics, positive attitudes, previous experiences, took action and have now produced much more resources. There is an abundance in available resources waiting for us all to make use of. Successful entrepreneurs and leaders do not believe in limited resources.

It is no one else’s fault if you are letting your emotions, your mindset, and your viewpoint prevent you from taking action. It’s your responsibility to be successful. Your life has an incredible calling. It’s time for you to wake up and seize the opportunity. Rather than worrying or complaining about information overload, how about think about how lucky you are to have all this information and knowledge right in front of you? The majority of people in the planet have no chance of achieving what you can because they have no Internet access!

Being an entrepreneur is the VEHICLE for which you create financial freedom and to “drive” everywhere you please to do anything you want. You either face the challenges or hurry away back to the drone known as the rat race.

You are the leader you’ve been looking for.

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