How to Choose Critical Illness Policy

Critical Illness Policy provides exceptional protection against illness or ailment to an individual or family which may bring tragedy if not adequately insured. That is why it is vital to choose the best health Insurance cover that protects against critical illness and monetary setback.

Critical Illness Policy can be opted with different coverage’s based on your requirement. The premium would be based on the type of coverage you have opted.

Most insurance companies offering Critical Illness Policy offer two levels of cover – a benefit cover for standalone Critical Illness Policy that provides a lump sum amount upon diagnosis of the major critical illnesses listed out in the policy. Another level of cover might be clubbed benefit combining with health insurance where treatment cost might be provided upon diagnosis of the major critical illnesses

Many plans are designed planned for special groups of individual like women and senior citizen.

A complete Critical Illness Policy for women covers specific illness which effect women only like breast cancer, ovarian cancer and cervical cancer.

Senior citizens are more prone to illness due to age factor and hence should opt for larger cover.

Why Critical Illness Policy?

A well planned Critical Illness Insurance give lump sum benefit which can be used for treatments, post treatment or surgical medical care, taking care of other monthly expenses and covers loss of income due to inability to earn.


Mediclaim Insurance offers regular hospitalisation benefits and cover against critical illness. Hospitalisation expenses include surgeon’s fees, consultant’s fees, nursing expenses, cost of medicine and drugs incurred during hospitalisation.

Critical Illness Policy provides cash benefits equal to the sum insured upon being diagnosed for major ailment for the first time. Tax relief under section 80D wherein the premium is paid by any form other then cash.

Core diseases covered

The major diseases covered by the policy are first heart attack, kidney failure, brain tumour. First time major organ transplantation, irreversible coma, paraplegia and quadriplegia are covered by Critical Illness Policy.

Ailments as a result of mental and physical conditions present before policy issue date. Self-inflected injuries, nervous disorder, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, HIV infection are not protected.

Medical treatment incurred for plastic or cosmetic surgery to improve physical appearance is not borne.

Any medical tests or treatments not directly associated to an illness covered by the policy. If found the insured is engaged in dangerous sporting activity like scuba diving, bungee jumping and sky diving are not covered.

Modern lifestyle and high stress level lead to critical illness even affecting young people and a well planned Critical Illness Policy ensures protection against expensive treatments.

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