Silymarin Milk Thistle – A Brief Review

Do you often feel uneasy because of the gastrointestinal problems you are suffering? Are you allergic to mushrooms, but like its taste and cannot resist eating it? Does your love for alcohol often make you feel dizzy and short of energy, the next day? These are a few of the common problems most of the people often face. These problems are associated with liver health. Weak liver health often affects the digestion and immunity of a person and leads the human body towards chronic ailments.

As a teenager, I always complained about indigestion and other stomach and pancreatic disorders. I never knew that the shocking health phase that I was going through was due to the swelling in my pancreas and low immune power. After having a complete health check-up, I was instructed by the physicians to follow a strict diet plan, and my favorite pizzas and burgers were banned to me for a big time span. I was surviving on porridges and lentils. One of my close friends recommended me to consume silymarin milk thistle for an effective and long-term treatment. I am so happy to find milk thistle, an amazing liver supplement that helped me to recover fast, and revived my old pizzas and burger days again.

The liver is one of the most important organs of the human body that should be free from chronic ailments. Milk thistle is one of the ancient herbal remedies to cure problems related to human digestion, liver ailments, kidney and gall bladder problems. Scientific studies have proven that a substance called silymarin in milk thistle offers protection to the liver from toxins. Silymarin also protects the liver from the side effects of strong drugs like acetaminophen. The substance is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and has antioxidants that help in the regeneration of new cells in the liver for the replacement of the older cells.

Recent studies have proven that silymarin milk thistle does not only treat mushroom poisoning, hangovers, hepatitis, pancreatic disorders or liver ailments, but also has anti-cancer properties that can stop the cancer cells from regenerating, and restricts the disease from growing further. Once the regeneration of cells stops, it comes under the treatment zone of medical science. People suffering from tumors can consume milk thistle liver supplements and may restrict the desired blood supply to the tumor from growing it further, and can make the treatment procedure faster and shorter. In fact, silymarin extracts have natural properties of a sunscreen that protects the skin from tanning and also offer the protection to the skin from a deadly virus of skin cancer.

Pregnant women and breast feeding mothers must not consume it as women go through many hormonal changes in their body during this phase of their life, and may have to suffer with a few of the side effects of the extracts. In fact, people who are under medication for the treatment of allergies, anxiety or cholesterol must also avoid taking it.

Silymarin milk thistle extracts are available in various forms. You can buy any of these supplements either in capsule form or the liquid form. Though the product has many benefits and is a liver boosting supplement, but it is always recommended to speak to your physician prior to buying this product. Only your doctor is the right person to tell you if you can start with the consumption of the extract.

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