Food That Is Good For The Production Of Hormones

Usage of Hormone Replacement Therapy has declined because this has raised many health and safety concerns. Like for example, taking estrogen can increase the risk of cancer. Women have started looking for other approaches that are derived from the alternative medicines. Changes in your diet will help in enhancing the hormones. But it is better that you speak with a doctor or a physician before medicating yourself with food.

Vegetables that Increase Melatonin:
Pineal Gland is responsible for releasing melatonin that is required for the communication purposes. The levels of Melatonin decrease as you become old. This can also disturb your biological clock. These studies also prove the fact that vegetables increase the level of melatonin. This hypothesis was also tested in both younger and older women.

Fruit Increases level of Progesterone:
Ovaries release the progesterone for protecting fetus in the pregnant women and helps in regulating menstrual cycle in the non pregnant women. Patients who are suffering from the ovary disease experience reduced levels of progesterone. This also increases the risk for the endometrial cancer. Eating a certain amount of food helps in reducing the risk by increasing the level of progesterone. The seasonal consumption increases the progesterone levels. Sermorelin results in stimulating the IGF-1 liver. Higher levels of IGF-1 will also increase the growth of new cells and increases the metabolism as well.

Milk Increases the Level of Estrogen:
Although Ovaries are responsible for the production of progesterone but they also manufacture estrogen as well. There are various symptoms that might arise during the menopause phase. This also results in symptoms like hot flashes. People who consume most dairy products have the highest level of estrogen in their bodies.

Increasing the Testosterone by eating Spices:
Spices in the food play a vital role in increasing the level of testosterone in the body. Adding a suitable amount of spices in your food can be very beneficial for you.

Food is a vital source of increasing the levels of testosterone in the body. It is much better than using Hormone Replacement Therapy and other medications. The truth is that various procedures and medications might result in complications, however food is a natural way of increasing the level of hormones in the body.

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